How do I update the information shown for my company?

OneTeam aggregates information directly from the System For Award Management (SAM).  In order to update your information on OneTeam, a OneTeam Company Profile must be created.  Follow the steps below to create a Company Profile:
  1. Register an account at OneTeam
  2. Click the gear in the top-right corner and select "Join a Company"
  3. Search for your company by name, DUNS, or cage code.
  4. Click the "Join Company" button.
  5. Send a request to join your company.
    1. If you are the first person to join your company in OneTeam, you will need to request permission from an authorized POC to create a company profile.
    2. If someone else in your organization has already created a company profile, you will need to request their permission to join.
  6. Once your request has been approved, you are able to provide additional information through your company profile, including a logo, capability briefing, and details about prior experience, among other things.
The video shown below explains the process as well:

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