Company Administrator Quick Reference Guide

What settings do company administrators control?

Company Administrators can customize many settings that are pre-loaded as defaults in OneTeam. Also check out Company Settings Support Section.


  • View Subscription information



Organization - Company Users

  • Manage User Permissions
  • Designate company users - add new users or make users inactive.
  • Designate teammate users
  • Assign permissions levels to users


Organization – Company Divisions

  • Set Permissions at the Division Level
  • Designate company divisions and sub-divisions
  • Designate Joint Ventures (JVs)
  • Designate subsidiaries as divisions, and their business lines as sub-divisions (each sub-division must have unique name



Capture - Stages

  • Determine Company Internal Stage terminology - Identify, Qualify, Pursue, Capture, Proposal, etc.
  • Set default Internal Stage for new opportunities
  • Select stages to include in dashboard revenue calculations

Capture – Required Fields

  • Set custom set of fields that must be completed to proceed to the next Stage.

Capture – Custom Fields

Capture POC Roles

  • Create and edit Roles with description, whether role is allowed for subcontractor, and required for subcontractor.

Capture Customer POCs

  • Record and Update Customer POCs for this procurement.
  • Auto-populates from GovWin, if integration is linked.

Capture – Qualification Matrix

  • Modify Qualification Matrix template including changing description, responses, and weighting
  • Modify percentages for colored rating bands

Capture – Qualification Checklist

  • Develop custom checklists for Gate Reviews, including checklist Name, Sections, Subsections, and Questions or Actions.
  • Develop custom checklist for new BD personnel.
  • Develop checklist for proposal production.
  • Develop checklist for Before Red Team, During Red Team, and After Red Team actions.


Capture – Documents - Defaults

  • Upload custom default documents, such as NDAs, TAs, data calls, and more.


Capture – Documents – Writer Package Templates

  • Add default document templates
  • Add or modify Writer Package templates



Dashboard – RFP Window

  • Set custom ranges for RFP Window

Dashboard - Targets

  • Set revenue target, win rate target, and profit target



Bid – Capability Matrix

  • Develop custom Capability Matrix template
  • Create or edit ratings including words and color coding

Bid - Communication

  • Create custom communication templates for teaming invitations and information requests that auto-populate opportunity information

Bid – Reviewer Ratings

  • Customize color team reviewer ratings


  • API connections
  • GovWin integration
  • Microsoft 365 integration