Update Information Shown in OneTeam Search

How can I update company details?

OneTeam aggregates information directly from the System For Award Management (SAM). In order to update information about your company in OneTeam, the best way to ensure that your company details are accurate is to update your company's profile in SAM (and allow a few days for OneTeam to update).

In order to add or update information that is not available in SAM, you may also create a OneTeam Company Profile. Follow the steps below to create a Company Profile:

  1. Register for a OneTeam account.
  2. Hover over the Account Menu in the top-right corner and select "Join a Company"
  3. Search for your company by name, DUNS, or cage code.
  4. Click the "Join Company" button.
  5. Send a request to join your company.
    1. If you are the first person to join your company in OneTeam, you will need to request permission from an authorized SAM POC to create a company profile. Note: We understand that having a SAM POC approve the creation of a Company Profile adds an extra step to the sign up process, but we feel that it is important to ensure that companies in OneTeam are represented by authorized people at the company. We wouldn't want just anyone to claim a company, so we add safeguards like this to keep your information safe and secure.
    2. If someone else in your organization has already created a company profile, you will need to request their permission to join.
  6. Once your request has been approved, you are able to provide additional information through your company profile, including a logo, capability briefing, and details about prior experience, among other things.

The video shown below explains the process as well: