How to Use OneTeam as a Color Team Reviewer

OneTeam is a cloud-based platform designed to help government contractors streamline the color team review process. As a reviewer, OneTeam gives you the ability to view the proposal document alongside the pertinent requirements, assign section ratings, and provide comments collaboratively with other reviewers at the same time.

In order to review your assigned proposal volumes, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have access to the documents
    1. Navigate to the Opportunity you are about to review in OneTeam.
    2. Go to the Documents tab and select the Proposal library.
    3. Make sure that you can see the Volume Draft document under each volume that you are assigned to review. Note: If you are unable to see the correct documents, contact an Opportunity Manager to set you as a reviewer for the appropriate volumes in OneTeam.

  2. Open the proposal volume and OneTeam Add-in
    1. Find the correct the Volume Draft document and click the link in the File Name column. This will open the document in Word Online to allow collaborative editing. Note: If you download the document, your comments will not be included in the Volume Draft after the review nor will you be able to see other reviewer’s comments.
    2. Click the Edit in Browser button near the top right of the screen.
    3. Open the OneTeam Word Add-in by navigating to the Insert tab and clicking on the Office Add-ins button.
    4. In the window that appears, type ‘OneTeam’ into the search box, hit the Enter key, then click the Add button when the OneTeam Add-in result is displayed.
    5. If prompted to trust the add-in, select Yes.
    6. If prompted to Sign in, go ahead and do so.

  3. Review the proposal volume
    1. The Outline panel should now be open. You may use this panel to navigate the document and track your ratings.
    2. Open the Requirements panel by navigating to the OneTeam tab and clicking on the Requirements button.
    3. From the Requirements panel, you may review the requirements and required terms that correspond to the current section of the proposal document.
    4. You may also assign a rating from 1 to 5 in the dropdown.
    5. Continue to review, rate, and comment as instructed by your Proposal Manager.

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