How to Automate Opportunity Imports using the GovWin API [Private Preview]

OneTeam allows you to automatically keep your pipeline opportunities up-to-date using the GovWin API.

In order to enable this capability, please follow these steps:

  1. Enable the GovWin API.
    1. Contact Deltek and request the Web Services Download feature be added to your GovWin subscription.
    2. In GovWin, navigate to Support > Integration Administration.
    3. Click the Enable New Application button.
    4. In the Enable New Application window, set the Application Name field to 'OneTeam', set the Application Type field to 'GovWin IQ Webservices API', and click the Generate Client ID & Secret button.
    5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values to enter in into OneTeam later.

  2. Select GovWin Opportunities to include in your import to OneTeam.
    1. In GovWin, navigate to an opportunity that you want to include in your import.
    2. In the left panel under Tasks, click the Add to Web Services Download button.
    3. Repeat steps 2a-b until you have marked all of the opportunities that you wish to import.
    4. To see a list of the opportunities that you have marked for import, navigate to My GovWin > Web Services Download.

  3. Connect to the GovWin API in OneTeam
    1. Have your OneTeam Company Administrator sign in to OneTeam.
    2. Go to Company Settings (located under the Account Menu in the top right of the page) and find the GovWin API tab.
    3. Fill out the Client ID, Client Secret, Username and Password of the GovWin Web Services account, and click the Continue button.
    4. On the next step, click Import Opportunities (this action may take up to several minutes).

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