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Link Existing Opportunities to GovWin

Add GovWin integration to opportunities that were added manually

OneTeam's GovWin integration allows you to automatically keep your pipeline opportunities up-to-date using the GovWin API. But how do you link an opportunity that was added to your pipeline manually?

Note: These instructions assume that you have setup or are in the process of setting up the GovWin integration.

  1. Navigate to the opportunity record in GovWin and identify the URL and Opportunity ID.

  2. In another browser tab, go to the opportunity in OneTeam and add a Solicitation Source with the information identified in GovWin. Note: Failing to input this information correctly will result in a duplicate opportunity added to your OneTeam pipeline. 00 add solicitation source

  3. Click the Save Details button.
    00 save

  4. Return to the opportunity record in GovWin and click the Add to Web Services Download button.

  5. Within a few minutes, your OneTeam opportunity will update with the latest information and  documents from GovWin.