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Link an Opportunity to Microsoft Teams

Connect your opportunities to Teams for improved file sharing and better collaboration

This feature is available upon request for companies with a Pro or Premium subscription.

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share documents and communicate with others in your organization. With this integration enabled, OneTeam will allow you to create a Team for selected opportunities to improve collaboration with others at your company.

In order to create a Microsoft Team for an opportunity in your OneTeam pipeline, please follow these steps:

Create a Microsoft Team from an opportunity

  1. Navigate to an opportunity in OneTeam.
  2. Click the Teams button in the toolbar of the Details tab. Note: If the Teams button is not available, ensure that you have first enabled the Microsoft 365 integration in Company Settings.
  3. Wait a few moments for the Team to be created.
  4. Once the Team has been created, the icon in the Teams button will change to an arrow.
  5. You may now click on the Teams button to open the opportunity in Microsoft Teams.