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Manual Opportunity Imports from GovWin

Update your pipeline using Excel exports from GovWin My Opportunities

As an alternative to automatic GovWin imports, you may also use Excel files downloaded from My Opportunities in GovWin.

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In order to perform a manual import, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your My Opportunities or My Company Opportunities in GovWin.
  2. Click on Actions & Settings in the top-right of the list and select Download to Excel. Note: You can optionally filter your opportunities by selecting Filter My Ops.
  3. In the Download Excel window, ensure that the following Available Display Fields are added to the Selected Display Fields:
    • Opportunity ID
    • Acronym
    • Opportunity Name
    • Status
    • Solicitation Number
    • Solicitation Date
    • Value ($K)
    • Priority
    • Award Date
    • Response Date
    • Contract Type
    • Contract Type (Combined List)
    • NAICS
    • Summary
    • Incumbent Contract #
    • Incumbent Award Date
    • Incumbent Expire Date
    • Contract Duration
    • Competition Type
    • Incumbent/Contractor (Combined List)
    • Contacts
    • Proposals Due
    • Buying Organization (Level 1)
    • Buying Organization (Level 2)
    • Buying Organization (Level 3)
    • Buying Organization (Level 4)
  4. Click the Download button and wait for the Excel file to download.
  5. In a new browser tab, go to the Opportunities List in OneTeam. 
  6. Drag the Excel file into the Opportunities List to import your opportunitiesManual GovWin
    or click the Import button in the toolbar and select a file in the Open File dialog.Manual Import 2
  7. Your opportunities have been imported into OneTeam!