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Send, Receive, and Review Data Call Documents

Streamline your data calls and track their progress

In addition to having your teaming partners fill out their contacts and capabilities, OneTeam allows you to distribute key documents like Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Teaming Agreements (TAs). With this capability, you can send out custom data call documents, approve or reject submissions, and quickly track where everyone is in the process.

Note: Before your teaming partners can access their assigned data call documents, you will need to invite them to the opportunity.

Follow these steps to send out a data call document to your teaming partners:

Distribute to Teaming Partners

  1. Go to the Documents tab for your opportunity and select the Data Calls folder.06-07-23-Submit Data Call
  2. Click the Upload button to select or drag in and drop a template document that you would like to send out to your teaming partners.
    Data Calls 2
  3. Once the file has been uploaded, click the Distribute button in the Status column.06-07-23-Distribute Data Call
  4. In the Distribute to Team Members window that appears, you may optionally selected a date and time for the Due Date field.DistributeToTeamMembersModalCalendar
  5. Next select the Team Members to which you would like to distribute the document. Note: You can always come back and distribute to additional companies later.
  6. Click the Distribute button and to generate copies of the file for each of the selected team members.
  7. Observe that the generated documents have a Status of 'Distributed' and are ready for their assigned Team Member to complete. Note: As long as the documents are marked as Private, Team Members can only view and edit the documents to which they are assigned. 06-07-23-Distributed Status
  8. Let your teaming partners know (via the Communication tab) that their documents are ready for them to fill out! Note: It is a good idea to send them a link to these directions for submitting their documents.

Review Submitted Documents

  1. After a teaming partner has completed their data call document and submitted it, you will receive a notification letting you know it is ready for review.
  2. Click the notification to take you to the Documents tab of the opportunity or navigate there yourself.
  3. Find the submitted document and hover over the Status field to see the submission details.Data Calls 5
  4. Click the File Name of the document to download (or view in Office Online, depending on your company's settings).
    Data Calls 7
  5. Once you have reviewed the document, click in the Status field and select either 'Accepted' or 'Rejected'.
    Data Calls 6
  6. If you selected 'Rejected', provide a reason and click the Reject button.  
  7. Click the Save button to persist your changes. 06-07-23-Save Data Call Response
  8. Your team member will receive a notification letting them know the result of your review (and if they need to make any updates).